Autumn Wreath Ideas

Now Summer is over it is time to think of how to bring to life the beautiful Autumnal Colours in your home, creating a feeling of warmth and a cosy atmosphere. Using Artificial plants, flowers, leaves and greenery can come into its own in the autumn period, especially if you are looking to put together a beautiful seasonal autumn wreath or floral display anywhere in your home. The level of realistic detail in artificial plant designs now is such that you will be able to enjoy new levels of creativity as you put together the ideal wreath for the autumn months.

Why Go Artificial?

The current generations of artificial flowers are so well made that even the most experienced of florists might struggle to tell if they are real or fake; not only do they look great but they can save you money and are maintenance free plus no more sad looking wilted and dying flowers!

You can place them in any situation you want as they have no special requirements. You can safely place them anywhere you like in your home: a dark corner, warm or cold room, a humid room like a kitchen or bathroom. Plus they can be any size and colour scheme you want too! Many artificial flowers and plants are available in sizes that don’t correspond with they’re natural counterparts.

Where to Hang Your Wreath?

Of course the classic position is to hang your wreath on your front door, but why not liven up a blank space on your wall, or hang it in the window where the glow of the sun will illuminate and highlight the stunning rich autumnal tones.

Artificial Autumn Wreaths and Flower Displays

What better way to brighten your home as winter draws near. They can be used for special occasions also, use them for Original Halloween Decorations, maybe you have an Autumn Wedding or Family celebration that you are looking for décor inspiration for, choosing your own styles, flowers and foliage will brighten every event.

A Touch of Autumnal Colour

One of the great things about autumn colour is that you do really get a lovely range that appears. Creating a gorgeous and warming tapestry of tones. On top of this bed of gentle and deep colour, you can then have fun with fresh and exciting additions of flowers. Although nothing says Autumn quite like reds and burnished golds of autumn leaves why not try Dusky Shades of Purple – Deep dusky purples also make a beautiful alternative to the more traditional autumn colours! Tell us what your favourite Autumn Floral ideas are, the more original the better.

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